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26 Agustus 2016 - 17:41 Kennel Collie : Von Britannia Ayalana Hi, We are old fashioned Scotch Rough Collie (Lassie dog) Breeder in Solo regency, Central Java, Indonesia.Rough Collie comes from a regal background of the Balmoral Castle during Victorian era. Lieutnant Governor Stamford Raffles entourage may..., selengkapnya.
  •   Re: Looking for rough collie breeder - George S - 08 Juli 2020 - 13:28
    Sure Allen, we can assist in shipping to the Philippines. However we currently have no puppies at this moment. You may contact me directly on my WhatsApp number. Let me know your preference. Male/ Female and coat colour, sable or tricolour or Merle. Thanks


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